Interview with Joe Panzner - July 2015
Email conversation with the composer & musicologist.

Towards a Resistive Computer Music - June 2015
From a short 20 minute presentation at the UWE Philosophy of Sound conference. Arguing for a "resistive" practice in computer music, developed from ideas in the music of Helmut Lachenmann and the thought of Georges Bataille.

Dominic Lash - Chord Sequence with Interruptions - March 2014
An interview with musician, composer and academic Dominic Lash, using his composition Chord Sequence with Interruptions as a focus for discussion of his ideas and practice.

Review of Stephen Cornford's Six Tape Machines - Sept 2013

Odd Future Retro - May 2011
Response to a Simon Reynolds article in The Wire, putting arguments from his book Retromania up against the rise of Odd Future Wolf Gang.

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